About Us

Our Identity

We just call ourselves “Christians” and strive to follow Jesus and the teachings of the New Testament.

We are proud of our reputation as “people of the Book” and we love to study. Please feel free to contact us with your Bible questions or to request one of our members to study with you personally. Knowing Jesus through the Bible has changed our lives, and we’re eager to share!

Our Mission
Our goal is to leave behind man-made religion and follow the Bible. We look to the principles of the New Testament for guidance in our organization, our teaching and our worship.

Our History
Over fifty years ago, thirty-five Christians started a new congregation in Ada, Oklahoma, known as the Southwest church of Christ. On October 1, 1972, we moved into our current building at 17th and Johnston.

Our congregation has grown to over 500 members, representing 300 family units. We’ve recently expanded our facility by adding a fellowship building. The new fellowship building contains a library, offices, and a fellowship hall that can be converted into classrooms.

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